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In modern home decoration, more and more people will choose the sliding closet door (also known as sliding door, sliding door). It is light, convenient to use, high space utilization, and the customization process is relatively simple. Since entering the market, it has been favored by decoration owners, and has a great trend to replace the traditional side hung door

in modern home decoration, more and more people will choose the push-pull closet door (also known as sliding door, sliding door). It is lightweight, easy to use, high space utilization, and the customization process is relatively simple. Since entering the market, it has been favored by decoration owners and has a great trend to replace the traditional side hung door

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how to choose

the decors and styles of the closet door are certainly diverse, but after all, they are only limited to the articles on the door. In the era of home integration, the brand wall cabinet door has officially launched its cabinet body, floor, bed, bookcase, etc. matching the closet door to the market. For consumers, as long as they like their favorite colors, they can choose products with a very unified home style, From the wall to the ground and the furniture used, there is no need to go to great lengths to match home decoration in the major building materials markets


nowadays, there are more than 200 businesses engaged in closet doors in Fuzhou market, with prices ranging from more than 100 yuan to more than 1000 yuan per square meter. There are many businesses, mixed up. How can you choose a cost-effective closet door among many businesses? Insiders pointed out that in addition to the selection of styles, the most important thing is to see the material of products

the first is the frame and track. At present, the frame materials used for closet doors in the market include aluminum alloy, carbon steel, aluminum titanium alloy and magnesium titanium alloy, and the latter two materials are the most durable. The thickness of this kind of frame is generally 1mm, and those less than this thickness are difficult to guarantee in service life. The quality of the track also directly affects the sliding effect. It is understood that at present, there are two kinds of tracks for closet doors: cold rolled steel track and aluminum alloy track

the second is the pulley. Whether the closet door can be used for a long time depends on the quality of the pulley. The height of the closet door is usually 2.4 meters or more. The door leaf is wide and its self weight is very large. If the bearing capacity of the bottom wheel is not enough, it will greatly affect the service life. At present, the materials of pulleys on the market generally include plastic pulleys and fiberglass pulleys. The plastic pulley is hard, but it is easy to crack. After a long time of use, it will become astringent and hard, and the push-pull feeling will become very poor, and the price is also cheaper; The glass fiber pulley has good toughness, wear resistance, smooth sliding and durability. When buying, consumers must recognize the material of the pulley

the third is the thickness of the door panel. It is better to choose a thickness of 8 mm to 12 mm for the wood panel of the closet door, so it is more stable and durable to use, while the thickness of the glass is generally 5 mm to 10 mm, too thick and too thin will lead to unsafe use

fourth, sealing. In order to ensure that the two doors are staggered and closed, all sliding door products will have a gap. Generally, the external pulley needs a gap of 15mm, which affects the sealing of the sliding door. Although most products have added tops, there is still a large gap in the density and gap size of tops used by different products. Try to choose products with small spacing and dense tops

of course, the quality is good or bad. It is said that there is no certificate, and the on-site inspection is very important. A good closet door will neither be too light nor too heavy when sliding, but with a certain weight of the door, without vibration when sliding, smooth and textured

there are many changes in styles

at present, the materials available for making closet doors in the market are basically plate and glass, or full plate, or full glass, or a combination of plate and glass. The plate gives people a natural and simple feeling because of its texture and color, while the glass gives people an illusory feeling of crystal clear or hazy concealment. Just like fashion, closet doors are also products that lead fashion consumption in decoration building materials. It needs to constantly meet the visual aesthetics of consumers with new images. Businesses naturally do their best in these two materials. On the plate, merchants mainly promote two different routes. One is more young and fashionable colors, light blue, light green, pure white, cartoon patterns, etc., which can let young and fashionable hearts experience different moods in the sense of pursuing nature. The other is to continue to follow the nostalgic route. The closet door imitates rosewood. The natural and simple rosewood texture is almost unreal, and the classical flavor is revealed in the movement. In addition, there are some alternative styles, such as introducing the traditional knitting technology, weaving the door panel with extremely natural log colored wood skin, which makes the style suddenly appear inside and outside the door. This kind of knitting technology has been favored by some consumers since it was launched on the market; Although the shutter door style closet door has been on the market for more than a year, its elegance and lightness are still the main focus of some businesses

in the use of glass, businesses have made great efforts. Transparent glass, frosted glass, silver plated glass, cloth glass and other forms of glass are used on the closet door. Recently, polycrystalline glass and reinforced glass have been included in the selection of new varieties of wall cabinet doors in the market. According to insiders, polycrystalline glass is processed from ordinary glass. On the other side of the glass, it is made of high-tech and special materials. The color and pattern can be arbitrarily selected, with strong selectivity. The strengthened glass is close to toughened glass. When introducing this kind of strengthened glass, merchants added a layer of film behind it, which is five times as strong as ordinary glass, and its safety performance is very high

the use of some patterns between two pieces of glass is still the practice advocated by merchants this year. For example, the use of imported silk, scarves, cloth art, wallpaper, etc. between the glasses has greatly enriched the design and style of the closet door, and there is also a lot of room for consumers to choose




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